Why Go Organic? 5 Reasons Behind the Healthy Choice.

Why Go Organic? 5 Reasons Behind the Healthy Choice.

Thousands of years ago, organic produce was the only option for our ancestors. There were no agricultural methods used to alter the food eaten. They consumed natural food packed with wholesome nutrients for the body.

Nowadays, producing vegetable, meat, fish and other products such as the ingredients in your skin care involves the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilisers and genetic modification and engineering. When we consume these food products that have been meddled with, or absorb ingredients through our skin, our body may absorb harmful chemicals and toxins – believed to cause many illnesses. Your skin is like a sponge and absorbs toxins.

Fortunately, we saw a set of good changes in recent years. Many farm owners started producing organic food free from artificial chemicals. Health-conscious people, including us, can now switch to using organic.

So, why should you choose to go organic? Here are 5 top reasons:

1. No Harmful Pesticides or Chemicals


According to the Better Health Channel website, “Exposure to chemicals can lead to health effects including headache, poisoning, respiratory illness, burns, cancers and birth defects.” Although farm workers are the ones who are mostly vulnerable to exposure, some health studies suggest that the residue of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals can enter our system through food consumption and products we put on our skin. Meaning, it is best to choose natural and organic products free from any type of toxin that can be harmful to our body. 

2. Helps Protect Our Environment


If you’ll choose organic, you are supporting farmers who are not using any pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. With this, you are promoting the reduction of toxic chemicals released into our environment. Well, if more and more people switch to going organic, we all can make a brighter and cleaner Earth for generations to come. When choosing Certified Organic you are choosing to support ethical and sustainable growing methods for generations to come.

3. Better Flavour

Organic produce, especially fruits and vegetables, can have lower level of water and sugar compared to conventionally grown crops. This means they are packed with more intense flavour. In fact, numerous polls and customer surveys here and abroad suggest that organic food does tastes better.

4. High Nutrient Content

Based on many studies conducted by nutrition experts, organic food has more nutrients compared to conventionally produced crops. Researchers say that organic fruits and vegetables contain 20% more nutrients and antioxidants based on the daily recommended amounts. If we do the math, you only need to eat 5 organic apples if you are required to eat 6 apples a day. Isn’t that great? This is also beneficial - when used in skin care higher potency and efficacy of actives in plant based ingredients as well as no chemical toxins make for an amazing product.

5. No Genetic Modifications

As defined by Australia’s Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR), a GMO is “an organism that has inherited particular traits from an organism (the initial organism), being traits that occurred in the initial organism because of gene technology”. Although many scientists are citing lots of advantages in using GMOs for farming, there are also some great risks for such technique. For example, modified plants may create toxins, allergens or teratogens. These chemicals may be consumed by people and may cause illnesses or other medical conditions.

Well, based on the list we have provided, organic is definitely the choice that you should make. So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch now and reap the benefits of going organic! 

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