What Does Bioactive Mean?

What Does Bioactive Mean?

The term “bioactive” is often used to describe organic skincare ingredients - but what exactly does it mean?

Simply speaking, bioactive ingredients are ingredients that have been clinically proven to possess anti-inflammatory properties (helping you to fight skin inflammation) or work as antioxidants (protecting your skin against the effects of free radicals). So, it’s really no wonder that bioactive ingredients are extremely beneficial for your skin. The most popular bioactive ingredients are proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and various plant extracts (carotenoids, bioflavonoids, etc.)

The Benefits of Bioactive Ingredients for Your Skin

Body washes, hand washes, lotions, and creams that use bioactive ingredients do much more for your skin than just clean and moisturise it. Amazingly, bioactive ingredients in these products have the ability to interact with your skin on a cellular level. They are widely used in organic skincare products as these ingredients help regulate the natural functions of your skin, combat the signs of ageing and neutralise the environmental damage your skin sustains on a daily basis.

Skin rejuvenation is just one of the many positive effects of using skincare products that contain bioactive ingredients. These ingredients can also accelerate wound healing, ease eczema symptoms, and help protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure. This is why bioactive ingredients are often used in organic hand washes and hand creams. 

Why Use Bioactive Hand Wash

Our hands constantly interact with the environment around us, which leaves our skin exposed to a lot of damage. And, while we tend to pay attention to our facial care routine, we can easily make the mistake of overlooking the need for proper hand care, thinking that it’s not easy to fit into our busy lives. Luckily, it’s not that hard to take proper care of your hands!

Using bioactive hand wash is the easiest way to ensure that the skin of your hands is restored and protected - reliably and effortlessly. When you use Certified Organic hand wash that contains bioactive ingredients, you do much more for your hands than just gently clean them. Bio-active hand wash also helps combat environmental damage and restore lost moisture, all while providing a protective barrier against future harm. All this results in smooth, healthy-looking, well-nourished skin.

Organic hand wash with bioactive ingredients should ideally be complemented with a quality hand cream containing reliable UV protection for daytime. If you routinely use just these two products  and occasionally exfoliate the skin of your hands,  then you have your hand care routine pretty much figured out. You can be confident that the skin on your hands

 will not dry out or age prematurely, but will stay smooth and supple, looking and feeling great!

So, today there is really no need to settle for a basic hand wash possibly containing harsh cleaning agents. Bioactive ingredients in quality organic hand washes go beyond just being good for you - they actually help to regenerate your skin, wash after wash. 

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