Andy Allen on Three Blue Ducks, MasterChef and why SO

Andy Allen on Three Blue Ducks, MasterChef and why SO


Andy Allen
Three Blue Ducks


Check out what Andy Allen has cooked up in an exclusive dish for Australian Organic Awareness Month, featuring some awesome Certified Organic ingredients. Andy's Charred Broccoli and Chicken Salad showcases broccoli stems which are usually discarded, and is quick and easy to throw together for lunch or dinner.

Andy was only one exam away from becoming a fully qualified Electrician, but his love and passion for food got the best of him. He took a dare from one of his good mates to enter as a contestant on MasterChef 2012. This is where Andy met Mark and Darren of Three Blue Ducks as they were guest chefs on the show.

Once he was on the show, Andy was open to admitting he was by far the most inexperienced and weakest cook amongst the group. Andy read, he researched, he watched and listened and saw every opportunity as a learning opportunity. After an 8-month commitment, locked away from his friends and family on some sort of rapid culinary apprenticeship on steroids, Andy emerged the youngest winner of MasterChef with a thirst to learn as much as he could about food. Later becoming a judge and mentor on the much-loved Aussie show.



With learning being at the top of Andy's list he reached out to the boys at The Ducks and took a role down at Three Blue Ducks Pop Up at Falls Creek in 2013.

In 2016 Andy officially became part of the group, and along with the team have succeeded in taking the Three Blue Ducks from strength to strength.

Three Blue Ducks run the restaurant, cafe and produce store at The Farm Byron Bay. ‘The Ducks’, as it is fondly known. Mates who are passionate about nourishing the community with ethical, authentic, quality food and hospitality.

"Saba Organics offer a superior and safe product, aligned with our team’s ethics and values. I choose Saba Organics for work and home."

It is this same passion and respect of people, principles, planet and produce that we love about Andy. For him Organic is not just a label, but a way of life, for people and planet. It is more than skin deep - choosing Certified Organic is choosing ethical and sustainable growing methods, the benefits carry on for generations into the future.” – says Andy

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit one of the Three Blue Ducks restaurants or seen him in action on MasterChef, you can taste and see the passion.
But don’t take our word for it, this is a recently shot video:

So be sure to visit one of the Three Blue Ducks venues!


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