You might agree that the general view is the more a soap
or shampoo lathers, the more affective it is right? The reality is this is more a perception than fact. Whether it be hair care, skin-care or house cleaning products, you don’t need a lot of lather for a product to be affective.

As a matter of fact, in most cases the more lather you have, the more harmful toxins you may be exposing your body, immune system and environment to. Research shows constant expo- sure to such hidden toxins can cause a buildup of these chemicals in your body over time, resulting in preventable sickness and disease. Many advanced countries around the world are far more informed and have greater organic choices -we want Australia to be up there with the best.


So why do so many products incorporate toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances that have side effects – when some of the most common skin allergies and headaches could be caused by such chemicals? It’s because these ingredients are cheap - and instead of investing in premium organic ingredients and education programs to empower consumers to lead the healthiest and happiest lives, it’s more profitable not to.

The SO teams key motive is about love of people, principles and planet - first and foremost.
Our actions speak louder than words. Of course making a profit is important– but not the highest profit, at the cost of our planet and your health. Our organic certified products pass world-class standards to ensure from soil to self, we are not exposing you to toxins that make you feel good temporarily, yet have a destructive impact on your health and well-being over the long term.


Beyond your health being first and foremost, the same toxins in common hair, skin, and home cleaning products end up going into our waterways and harming our environment and marine life. But you would think government would regulate against that? We live in a democracy, governments do their best, we have freedom of choice. So it’s up to us. Next time you are making such choices, please consider your health and well-being and that of your family and our beautiful earth. Paying that little bit extra for certified organic is where we show in actions how much we care. And when you choose SO plant based products, you’re also showing care for millions of animals who are tortured in laboratories to test the damage of these commonly used toxic chemi- cals. Those tests are so limited, that they do not even take into consideration long-term side-effects and toxic bio-accumulation. We can’t fix all the wrongs in the world.
By choosing organic, it’s at least a start.


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