3 ways to reduce your exposure to toxic PFAS.

3 ways to reduce your exposure to toxic PFAS.

Since the 1950’s, PFAS have been used in a variety of consumer products including non-stick cookware, food packaging, furniture and waterproof clothing.

What are PFAS?

PFAS are a large group of 4700 synthetic chemicals that contaminate soil and groundwater since the substances within the chemicals break down very slowly and accumulate over time - this process also occurs in the body.

They are toxic and as they accumulate in your body over time may cause reproductive and developmental problems, as well as liver damage and have recently been linked to liver cancer.

Although some countries have banned the use of PFAS, these chemicals are still found in many consumer products and now, the first study of its kind has proven a link between them and liver cancer.

Here are 3 ways to reduce your exposure to PFAS:

  1. Avoid using products that contain PFAS, such as non-stick cookware and food packaging.
  2. Don't eat foods that have been packaged in PFAS-containing plastics. Thats most takeaway food.
  3. Filter your drinking water. Most is contaminated with PFAS.

Some other products that contain toxic PFAS are shampoos and pesticides, so choose your personal care wisely.

Certified Organic products contain no toxic chemicals, pesticides or nasties - and are family safe!

Your skin in like a sponge, don’t absorb toxins!

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