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Meet the Saba Organics Team!

" My favourite product is the Body Wash Lemon Tea Tree & Kunzea. Love that this product leaves your skin super clean but also provides moisture to avoid dryness. Australian native Kunzea smells amazing and provides awesome benefits for even sensitive skin types! "
New Product Developer
" I love the Hydrating moisturiser!! I use it everyday and my skin is never dry. I love how it's scent free and works wonders. I'm so glad that there is a Certified Organic moisturiser out there that works better than the conventional. " 
Media & Administration Co-ordinator
" I like the lemon multi purpose spray because not only does it leave an amazing scent when wiping down benches but it also doesn’t leave streaks! "
Warehouse Manager
" Love that organic feeling - my favourite product would have to be our certified organic hand sanitiser with eucalyptus. Does all the hard work killing germs fast, without drying the skin. And is safe for the whole family. The Australian eucalyptus essential oil we use reminds me of our awesome Aussie outback."
General Manager
 " One of my favourite products is the Hand Wash Lavender. I love that whenever I wash my hands it smells like I'm in a lavender garden and I have the piece of mind that it is killing all the germs and bacteria on my hands. Love how I know my skin isn't absorbing any toxins when using it also. " 
Production Manager
" The Laundry Liquid is my must have Saba Organics product. I love that it's so sensitive on my skin and it's also safe on our eco system because it is grey water safe, it's also keeping our planet clean. My clothes smell amazing! "
Marketing Manager