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The True Benefits of Organic and how it is better and less toxic for children.

The True Benefits of Organic and how it is better and less toxic for children. 

Its not what we put it, but what we leave out which makes Saba Organics and our Certified Organic range safer for you, your family and the environment.
By choosing to use Certified Organic products, you are choosing safer products not exposed to harmful chemicals and ingredients.
When it comes to natural organic personal care and home cleaning products, it can be hard to distinguish between all the marketing buzzwords. Being savvy about “organic” and “natural" claims and always looking for the logo is essential if you want to make sure that you are making the safest choice.
The only way to be 100% sure that a brand is truly organic is to check whether they are Certified Organic. Always look for the logo - Saba Organics is fully Australian Certified Organic. This means that our products comply with a very strict set of rules that control our manufacturing process and the ingredients we use. In addition to being naturally grown and free from chemicals, the ingredients that we use in our products can not come from genetically modified plants. Sustainable growing and farming practices are also a requirement by ingredient producers ensuring a brighter and greener future.

3 reasons why Certified Organic is better for your skin and safer for you and your family.
1 - The ingredients used in Certified Organic are sourced from plants that are grown naturally without the use of artificial chemical fertilisers and pesticides. This eliminated the risk of harmful chemicals and toxins leaching into the product and consequently the possibility of these chemicals being present and absorbed by you or your children's skin. After all your skin in like a sponge, and will absorb what you put on it.

2 - Quality certified organic ingredients and the absence of harsh chemicals also means reducing the chances of experiencing irritation or skin sensitivity issues, making organic skincare extra-gentle on your skin. Most organic personal care products by definition are formulated to be especially soothing and non-irritating. 
3 - Have you ever linked a headache or migraine to a favourite fragrance or common cleaning product? A 2018 study by Breast Cancer Prevention Partners discovered 75% of toxic chemicals come from artificial fragrances. Countless cosmetics, cleaning and personal care products could be a toxic time bomb to your body (a buildup of harmful substances). A single scent can contains between 50 to 300 distinct chemicals none of which you will find on the label. These chemicals contain Endocrine disrupters, which mimic human hormones and are of particular concern, they can have harmful effects in the tiniest of doses. Most skin, body and hair care products are loaded with these and other toxic chemicals – but not Certified Organic! 

Certified Organic is the best and safest investment in your health and our planet. Some of the healthiest and happiest people are those who think, talk, eat and live healthy - and avoid smelling and applying toxic chemicals. Whether it be food or anything else you put on your body, most fall into three categories, artificial, natural and organic. 
- Artificial is something that does not exist in nature and most toxic and damaging to your health. 
- Natural does exist in nature, however is not always good for you. For example, natural products may have been exposed to conventional farming where toxic herbicides and pesticides are commonly used. The end result? Those toxic chemicals can end up in your body once you’ve consumed food or applied skin and body care containing conventional ingredients. 
- Organic, the best standard and best investment in your health is organic. The difference with organic is that it’s both natural, and it hasn’t been exposed to any toxic chemicals in the growing process.
Organic is a whole system approach to the growing, gathering, production and delivery of basic, healthy products. Organic links together soil, plants, animals, food, environment and the generation and sustainability of healthy people and planet.

As the World Health Organisation reports, “Highly hazardous pesticides have acute and chronic effects and pose particular risks for children.....their widespread use has caused health problems and fatalities in many parts of the world”.

It’s your choice an informed choice, a responsible choice for self, for family, for environment, for our planet. Avoid anything exposed to man made synthetic pesticides, avoid added hormones, avoid added antibiotics, avoid genetically manipulated organisms in foods and products. Chose certified organics, as often as possible. If it’s not certified, no guarantee it is truly organic. Your life, your choices - be happy and healthy !

Saba Organics is the highest grade Australian Certified Organic that smells and feels great! Saba Organics has created a unique range which consists of organic hand sanitiser and hand wash.