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THE STEVIA MYTH - by Dr John Tickell

Stevia is the common name for the extract of the botanical stevioside, from the leaves of stevia rebaudioside, or stevia rebaudiana, a plant originating in South America.
 Stevia is a natural, sweet tasting calorie free botanical that may be used as a sugar substitute (for the sweet taste). Stevia is a totally natural alternative to artificial sweeteners  -  unlike those which are “artificial”,  and mostly manufactured with chemicals.
Stevia is many times sweeter than glucose, fructose and sucrose,  so a very small addition of stevia can sweeten drinks, mouth washes and ingestibles to taste.

During research testing, stevia has been found to increase insulin sensitivity in rodent models, a positive effect in the management of weight control and of
pre-diabetes. In human studies, stevia has been found to have beneficial effects on blood glucose and insulin levels, thus stevia may have a role in food intake regulation.

In safety studies, no negative side effects were reported, and Stevia has been approved for use as a sweetener by World Health Regulators.
The Joint Food and Agriculture Organisation Expert Committee on Food Additives (2005).  
The FDA in America  (Food and Drug Administration, USA) (2008), on the GRAS basis.

Warnings re Artificial Sweeteners in drinks, mouthwash, toothpaste.
Various “warnings” have been noted over the years, by minor and major laboratories, regarding suspicious activity in terms of carcinogenicity, these being associated with ADDED CHEMICAL SWEETENERS, including Cyclamate (saccharin) , Aspartamine (nutrasweet, equal) , Sucralose (splenda) , and other chemical mixtures in brands neotame, sweet one, advantage.

Never, ever in history has the botanical derivative, true plant stevia, been linked with a cancer or negative medical diagnosis, by any reputable research laboratory.

Non Organic stevia “products” can sometimes be combined with “other” additives or sweeteners made from GMO corn, genetically Modified Organisms
    💥   ( be wary of Genetically Manipulated Organisms )

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- Dr John Tickell

PS    (for those interested in Biochemistry)

Stevia is a Glycoside, with O. Oxygen atoms, and H. Hydrogen atoms.
Stevia is NOT a Carbohydrate it’s not a Carb O Hydrate. Carbo Hydrates have C. Carbon atoms, H. Hydrogen atoms, and O. Oxygen atoms.

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