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What is Organic Skin Care?

Certified Organic Logo not just the word Organic on the label or Logo Brand is a good start.

While in the past we buy cosmetics indiscriminately, there’s been a lot of fuss these days about the harmful effects of some ingredients present in cosmetics. With the growing number of claims on skin problems due to some make-up, many researchers today focus on how the chemical content of cosmetics reacts with our skin. The good news is: The rise of organic cosmetics and other related products (e.g., soaps, lotion and creams) have given the public a good alternative – beauty kit items that are organically-made and safe to replace those chemical-based types.

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Why Go Organic? 5 Reasons Behind the Healthy Choice.

Thousands of years ago, organic produce was the only option for our ancestors. There were no agricultural methods used to alter the food they eat. They consumed natural food packed with wholesome nutrients for their body.

Nowadays, producing vegetable, meat, fish and other food products involves the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetic engineering. When we eat these unnaturally produced food items, our body may absorb harmful chemicals and toxins – believed to cause many illnesses.

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